Learn With A Mechanic *NEW

Have you ever wanted to change brake cables? Swap a chain or cassette? Remove and re-install your cranks and bottom bracket?
The best way to learn is to do it yourself with proper tools and instruction. This is an educational session with a mechanic where your bike goes in the stand and the learning begins. You will be guided through each step, receiving proper instruction on the do’s and don’ts. Your learning is specific to your interest. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more but haven’t had the opportunity to do so, now is your chance!

Be Prepared:

  • Bring your own bicycle; the work will be executed by you on your bike with the help of the instructor. Tools will be provided.
  • Your hands and clothing will get dirty, so dress accordingly. 
  • While there are so many possibilities for learning, there are certain bikes, or certain parts of a bicycle that may not be serviced in this learning session (ex. include seized or damaged parts). You will incur the charge of any parts that require replacement. If you are unsure about your bike or have any questions, please email with inquiries. 

Location: BOW Dundas West, 1612 Dundas St West

Time: 7:30pm (approx. 90 minutes)

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