Fabric 300 Lumen Dial Light

The FL300 is made from high-quality materials and components. It casts a 300-lumen beam from its CREE headlamp for two hours, and double as a ‘home safe’ option, courtesy of four LEDS mounted in the sandblasted aluminium body. Micro USB-charging.

Width: 23mm
Length: 90mm
IPX5 water proof rating
Materials: Sandblasted aluminum body
Universal mount with rubber strap

300 lumens headlamp

Full power: 2 hours
Medium Power: 3 hours
Strobe: 6 hours
Flash: 6 hours

30 lumens LED strip

Full power: 6 hours
Medium power: 14 hours
Flash: 46 hours
Strobe: 58hours



Price $80.00
  • Fabric 300 
Lumen Dial Light
  • Fabric 300 
Lumen Dial Light
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