Fabric Stratosphere Pro Pump SV

The Fabric Stratosphere Pro Floor Pump is a premium pump that is aesthetically pleasing and also really efficient. Featuring a strong and durable braided hose which stops the hose from twisting and its generous length allows tyres to be inflated whilst your bike is held securely in a bike stand or on the floor. The Smart head of the valve makes for ease of inflation as you simply push fit onto either Presta or Schrader for instant inflation. The handle and base of the pump have both been constructed using strong and treated wood, the handle has been shaped for comfort and the base is wide enough for great stability when inflating the final effort. Overall the Fabric floor pump is ideal to keep in your garage, shed or even the back of your car if you find yourself venturing beyond your bounds.
Price $135.00
  • Fabric Stratosphere Pro Pump SV